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Bon Appétit provides unique pet placemats for every occasion, making all pets feel part of the celebrations! 

We LOVE pets - they're part of the family - so our mission is to provide all pets the recognition they deserve and ensure they all dine in style. With placemats for every occasion such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and more, you'll find a unique option that's just right for your pet, or for the whole family.

Everyone deserves to dine in style!


The ultimate gift for the giving season,
for friends with a dog or a cat.

Bon Appétite for a reason,
Dining in style with unique placemats.
— Chloe & Max
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What people are saying about us

"These are amazing - of course my dogs should eat in style like we do!"

- Janet


"Who wouldn't want these placemats - and there's one for every occasion!"

- Kristin


"What a great idea - there's nothing out there on the market like this!  My cat can now dine in style!"

- Erin


"I am going to buy placemats for all my friends with pets - these are so fun."

- Rachael


"Unique, elegant and useful!  I love it!"

- Terry


"Everyone who visits has great comments on our dogs very own placemat."

- Amanda

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